FIFA 17 (Marking tutorial)

So we have all been there… an annoying through ball that finds itself all the way past  your defence! So today i will be showing you ways to mark or defend better!

  1. Invest in Pace

To stop fast strikers getting through your defence you will need to fight pace with pace, some good fast CBS from the PL would be bailly and john stones etc, spend more coins on your defence than your attack as all it needs is a counter attack and your 1-0 down!

2. Hold LB or L1

These controls help me with defending a lot, it give your other players instructions to mark players who could break through and score. Most likely if you hold this button your defender will get to the ball first if they try to pass! 

3. Put Pressure on the Ball

Now this step might be a little harder as it requires more practice. When the other player has the ball stay around him and keep pressure on the player to try push him to the wings (harder to score than straight through the middle) If the player isn’t the best he may try to run at you in order to get past. Another way to do this is hold A (Xbox) or X (play station) Which will mark him.

4. Attack the first touch

As soon as the other player gets to a pass attack the first touch as the first touch with players on the last few fifa’s have been like the player has never played football in his life! The first touch is often bad and you should take advantage of that! 

5. Don’t be Afraid to Tackle

Their is a few fifa players who are afraid to slide tackle in case of fouls and red cards etc, you might even save the game by getting one of your fullbacks sent off! a 0-0 draw with a red card is better than a 1-0 loss! A standing tackle are quite effective if you practice a lot (B) (circle) it can pull the ball away from the striker and by using this effectively you could get to division 1!

6. Get a formation with 3-4 midfielders

Midfielders are as important as defenders this year as they attack and defend some midfielders i recommend is Fernandinho, Kante and Matuidi as they are good strong tacklers and have good passing stats

7. Buy a good goalkeeper

If all else fails in a scenario like its one on one with the keeper your going to need a big tall good goalkeeper to save it! i use Mandanda as he is really good with one on ones, a lot of people say that Begovic is quite good but from personal experience shots get bounced of his body into the net a lot! another good cheap goalkeeper is Jack Butland who is a brilliant goalkeeper!

Thank you for reading this short blog post about defending on Fifa 17 and good luck competing in the weekend league! See you later! 




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