My Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Review 

Hello everyone! I’ve took a long break since my first blog post but I want to start blogging! So today I will be talking about my experiences with the sonic bomb alarm clock you can buy from‭ (not sponsored) 

The First Impressions

I bought this product because I just couldn’t wake up for work in the morning and it was just a nightmare trying to wake me up as I’m a really heavy sleeper! I decided one day that enough was enough and I decided to invest some money into an alarm clock this alarm clock claimed to be one of the loudest alarms out on the market but the downside is that it will land you £30 out of pocket! I was a bit hesitant buying an alarm clock costing that much money but I read some of the reviews and decided to buy it. When the alarm first arrived I did think the box was a tad bit rushed as it doesn’t look very pleasant to the eye I would have taken a photo but I have already threw it away, when I took the alarm out of the box I saw how big and chunky it was and I’m not going to lie I was kind of disappointed as the looks aren’t the nicest but I reminded myself it’s not about the looks it’s about if it would wake me up. Setting up the alarm was very easy as the instructions explain everything, but the alarm setting gets a bit confusing once you get the hang of it it’s really straight forward. The alarm also came with a bed vibrator that I tested as soon as I got and I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t complain! The alarm has a led clock on the front which can be dimmed  up to 3 times, the alarm itself was very loud and I mean loud my wife could hear it two floors up!

Using it for a Night 

I put the alarm next to my bed on my bedside table set to 7am as usual, that night I fell asleep really late (about 2am) but as soon as 7am came I was wide awake! The bed vibrater was enough to wake me up alone and I am a really heavy sleeper but the noise was something else I’m surprised people from two blocks down couldn’t hear it, another feature on the alarm clock is the really bright flashing LED on the front the LED is bright enough to probably wake you up straight away on its own! I have had a few alarm clocks but none comes close to this monester of an alarm clock, some of the downsides is that you can’t change how many minutes you can snooze by (set at 7) and that the alarms made out of cheap plastic. You can also change the volume and tone of the alarm I quite like the alarm deeper and as loud as it goes. 

The rating 

I would rate this product 8/10 because its good waking you up but not so nice looking!

I hope you enjoyed my review!


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